Latest Developments on Water Interventions in Parys and Tumahole

Ngwathe LM statement regarding the latest developments on water interventions in Parys and Tumahole

10 February 2020

The technical team is currently consulting with various service providers and manufacturers to fix the trident plant, this includes the general refurbishment and maintenance while making sure that MFMA is not being violated in the process.

Sedibeng water has been appointed as implementing agent responsible for project management, with main focus on operations, budgets, human resources and action plans.

On security related matters, human resource has already been deployed on the water purification plant and will be on a 24 hour basis.

The municipal manager had an engagement with the Sedibeng water acting CEO today and agreed that the next task team meeting will highlight progress.

While the trident plant is currently out of operation, 17 new jojo tanks have been rolled out today, with more water tankers, as temporary relief.

Flushing of underground network has already started while also unblocking old water meters as part of water conservation.

Department of water and Sanitation will also be advising on appropriate procurement mechanisms.

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Steve Naale


Ngwathe LM

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