Media Houses and Stakeholders

Ngwathe Local Municipality


14 June 2024


Ngwathe continues to engage stakeholders.

The Acting Municipal Manager of Ngwathe Local Municipality Dr Futhuli Mothamaha, accompanied by senior management team, met with stakeholders currently implementing wayleave projects in Parys, on Thursday 13 June 2024.

The fundamental objective of this meeting was to discuss the current implementation of fibre optic infrastructure installation.

Amongst other things, the municipality has received concerns from residents on the damages of infrastructure such as water distribution pipes, electricity cables and roads. These concerns have painted a picture of the municipality being unable to provide basic services on a sustainable basis as per the Constitutional objects of local government.

The municipal management team and parties involved in the project has agreed on a number of immediate issues, inter alia, damages on electricity cables, water distribution pipes, furrows, pavements, and other infrastructure should be repaired immediately, including keeping a register of incidents and subsequent repairs, to the benefit of the community.

The Acting Municipal Manager has emphasized that a series of stakeholders meeting is aimed at improving relations while responding to community concerns in good faith!

Issued by Ngwathe Communications Unit

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