Ngwathe Imbizo reaching disability communities

Mayor of Ngwathe local municipality, Councillor Joey Mochela embarked on yet another roadshow as part of Mayoral Imbizo communicating service delivery achievements and challenges to various structures and stakeholders within the municipality. Iketsetseng Disability center in Mokwallo, Vredefort is one of the centres visited by the Mayor.

The centre was established in 1997 and consists of more than 35 members, and caters for people living with disability in the township on a full time basis. “A request was sent to our offices at the municipality through our disability desk and we found it so important that we must visit this center with the purpose of assisting it to advance the best interests of our people living with disabilities, not only in Vredefort but throughout the municipality.

As part of our imbizo, we visited a number of organizations such as self-help association of people living with disabilities in Tumahole where we donated wheelchairs, blankets and groceries as part of our outreach programs where we talk to our stakeholders on municipal related matters. Our visit to Mokwallo this period was to respond to the needs of this center as it plays a critical role in our communities and deliver material to renovate their building,” said Mayor Mochela.

Different guests which were invited included Councillors, Community Development Workers and Community members.“We are grateful to what the office of Mayor Mochela has done for us. We have been experiencing operational difficulties in terms of the venue that needed renovation hence we even requested some of our members to remain at home until we received help. Mayor Mochela is an embodiment of values advocated by the ANC to ensure that our leaders are always there to help us.

We thank the municipality for assisting us with wheelbarrows, cement, doors, bricks and all these building material, now we shall be able to continue with our operations to ensure we advance the interests of our disability center,” said Ms. Noza  Mganga who is the center manager of Iketsetseng.