Ngwathe Local Municipality statement on IDP and Budget consultative meetings.

07 May 2021
Ngwathe Local Municipality has concluded the public consultative meetings with IDP representative forum hosted on Friday 07 May 2021 at Parys Forum building.
This process is guided by The Municipal Systems Act, Chapter 4, regulating that Municipalities must engage the public on the planning and implementation of Council Programs.
An Integrated Development Plan is a super plan for an area that gives an overall framework for development. It aims to coordinate the work of local and other spheres of government in a coherent plan to improve the quality of life for all the the people living in an area. The plan looks at, inter alia, economic and social development of the municipality as a whole with a lifespan of 5 years linked to the term of office for local Councillors.
Copies of draft IDP and Budget 2021/22 are available on the municipal website www.ngwathe.fs
The roadshow started from the 13 April 2021 to the REP Forum on 07 May 2021.
Inputs from various community members can still be forwarded to and
Issued by Ngwathe Communications Unit
Steve Naale



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