About Us


The municipality is named after the Renoster River. The Sesotho name for the river is “Ngwathe”.


To  be  a  world  class  municipality  that  promotes  economic  development  and  excellent  service  delivery.


To provide quality and sustainable services in an efficient, effective and economic manner to all communities through the promotion of community participation, good governance and improved intergovernmental values.

Core Values


We  practice  good  corporate  governance,  openness  and  strive  to  understand  the  needs  of  our community at  all times.


We are dedicated to the services we render to the community.  We are committed to realize the objective of local government in South Africa.


We  respect  and  value  our  people  and  ensure  that  we  are  accountable  and  responsible  on  all  aspects of our work.


We perform our work diligently with integrity and courage to ensure that our communities are able to trust and believe in us.


We encourage adherence to the constitution of the country, by allowing everybody to exercise their rights.